Who wants some Fall Guy bodyguards in Skyrim?

Fall Guys took the sweetrolls!

Blizzard’s custom game policy gives it ownership of all mods and new games

Just in case the next big thing is born from a mod.

Fallout 3 mod that converts entire game into Fallout 4 engine is cancelled

After much deliberation, the ambitious fan project is laid to rest following legal problems with voice acting audio.

Six times fans had to fix games

Sometimes the only person fixing a game is a modder. Here are some of the games that you really need mods if you are going to play them.

Video: A modder is recreating Diablo 2 within Starcraft 2

Tired of waiting for a Diablo 2 remaster? This modder certainly is!

Video: Liberty City in GTA 5 mod gets shut down

The massively ambitious mod that puts the whole of GTA IV in GTA V will never see the light of day.

Take-Two Interactive clarifies reasons for removing modding tool for GTA V

Take Two Interactive says the tool enables malicious mods that interfere with online play.

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