Monster Hunter World

The Burning Question: Which game are you most excited for in 2018?

We're in a brand new year with brand new games. Which one has you the most excited?

Monster Hunters, prepare for the Rotten Vale

Get ready to enter a monstrous graveyard.

Monster Hunter World’s PC version is delayed to get it right

The team wants to give the console version full attention and get the PC matchmaking right.

Hunters get ready for one last beta

One last chance to see if Monster Hunter World is up your alley, or to make the wait easier.

It takes skill to armour up in Monster Hunter World

You are going to need a few skills to take on the beasts of the wild.

Monster Hunters, it is time to squad up!

Find groups of friends to play with thanks to the new squad feature.

Monster Hunter World – new mantles, Palico buffs & pets

Learn about mantles, special houses and those odd little cats.

Monster Hunter World beta incoming on 9th December

Get your swords sharp and make sure your gear is fastened properly.

Monster Hunter World releases on 26 January 2018

You'll be hunting monsters sooner than you might think

Monster Hunter: World will be receiving free DLC

Monster Hunter: World looks like a really meaty game. See all 14 weapons in action.

This Wildspire Waste trailer will get your hunter blood pumping

If this doesn't get you excited about Monster Hunter World yet, we aren't sure what will.

Capcom invites Monster Hunter fans to create their own weapon design

Got a cool weapon idea? Your masterpiece could end up in Monster Hunter World.

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