mortal kombat

Five game reboots that got it right

Rebooting a franchise is no easy task, but these games exceeded expectations.

Five strange crossovers through DLC

Solid Sack? What is going on in these crossovers?

The Burning Question: What game broke your Nostalgia Goggles?

Sometimes it is best to leave your fond memories alone.

10 Satisfying moments in games

There are times in gaming you feel good about something that happened, these are 10 such times.

9 Jump scares in games we’ll never forget

A jump scare is never a fun thing to experience. It’s only once you’ve experienced it and you hand the controller to a family member or friend to play it that the scene has any form of value for the sadist among you. There have been many jump scare moments in games over the years, and below I’ve detailed a few jump scares that stood out for me: Dead Space – The benchmark in scare...

Cancelled Primal Rage sequel is now available online

There is always a sense of wonderment when a lost game somehow becomes available. This time, it is a sequel to one of those overlooked gems during the Fighting Game heyday. Primal Rage 2 was cancelled not long after announcement but now players have a chance for monster madness via emulation. Despite the ROM file being available for some time, the biggest complication was that no emulator could ru...

EVO 2017 gets dates and an intense trailer

When people think of the large eSports events their attention is quickly drawn to Dota 2’s International or the League of Legends World Championship and that’s quite unfortunate. While those events are spectacles to behold and are always enjoyable to watch, they just don’t have that community feel to them. Don’t get me wrong, they bring in the fans of the games but it’...

Voice Actor Tuesday: Michael McConnohie

On Sunday I was doing my regular World of Warcraft achievement / transmog run with friends when we came up against Deathwing and someone in the group said “Who voices Deathwing? His voice sounds really familiar.” He did sound familiar and I nearly kicked myself when it clicked. Michael McConnohie is an American voice actor and president of Voxworks, a Nevada-based voice acting corporat...

Mortal Kombat creator open to doing a fighting game based on horror films

It seems that Ed Boon and his team can currently do no wrong when it comes to fighting games. It’s as if he’s had the recipe for an enjoyable fighting game since the release of the original Mortal Kombat in 1992. There’s definitely been some missteps on the way, but it looks like they have the 2D fighting games waxed these days. If you played the original Mortal Kombat reboot you...

Video: After 20 years new secrets have been found in Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 arcade

Those of you who grew up in the arcade days will know the impact Mortal Kombat left on players back in the early 90’s. The blood and gore is the reason the ESRB was established in the United States and locally it made the SEGA Megadrive very popular. It was however the arcade version that rocked. There was always a friend at school who knew a friend who had a cousin, who’s dad went ove...

Mortal Kombat X is planning to improve online play drastically

Fighting games have always been a hit in arcades, console and on PC, but since the competitive scene moved from the offline scene (you and a buddy fighting it out next to each other in your lounge) to an online environment it’s changed somewhat. Fighting games are based on milliseconds and quick decisions. When you’re confronted by lag and delayed input response it’s a major prob...

Video: Realistic Mortal Kombat fatalities are gory as all hell

Mortal Kombat is a known for being a gory affair. It’s the reason we today have the rating system for games, which is a good thing. However, there are some people who believe that Mortal Kombat X could have gone a bit further with the gore. Despite the fact that the team at NetherRealm have now just about done anything their vivid imagination could come up with. A very demented bunch of guys...

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