The live-action version of Sonic The Hedgehog looks… uhm… yeah…

He's going to need more than speed to outrun this.

The next video game movie is… Just Dance?

We have strayed so far from God's path.

Sonic Movie’s first look is a little… creepy?

If you're gonna run away, you better be quick.

Monster Hunter film being shot in South Africa

Movie Monster melktert, anyone?

Jim Carrey is being tipped as playing Dr. Eggman in the new Sonic movie

Alrighty then?! Hopefully, this is more Sonic than Sanic.

The second Tomb Raider movie trailer looks like it’s right out of the game

Lara is set to return for another big adventure on the big screen

What’s going on with the Uncharted movie?

There appears to be a bit of confusion with regards to the Uncharted movie that’s currently been written. During a recent interview with The Collider, film director and screenwriter, Joe Carnahan, had a few words to spare about the Uncharted film, going so far as to say that Naughty Dog is happy with the script. However, it appears that that’s not entirely true, or at the very least no...

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