Night in the Woods brings emotional delinquency to Switch soon

The gang of reprobates are coming to a portable console real soon.

Ashly Burch returns as Chloe in Before the Storm’s bonus episode

The original voice of Chloe steps back into the role alongside Hannah Telle (Max) for the Bonus Episode.

SOMA is getting a ‘safe mode’ in response to monster criticisms

Developer Frictional Games is addressing the biggest criticism of SOMA by making the threat of monsters nominal.

Valve writer Jay Pinkerton has left the company

Valve just lost its third writer this year. If you had dreams of narrative driven games in the future, things are looking grim.

The Art of Gaming: Environmental Storytelling – Worldly Beauty

Take a look at your surroundings right now. Look at the little intricacies and the various items scattered everywhere. Your surroundings tell a distinct story. Maybe it’s something mundane like the glass you left on your table that has been sitting there for 2 days because you were too lazy to go to the kitchen. Maybe it’s a family portrait of that time you all went on a vacation and e...

The Art of Gaming: Narrative – Imaginary tales

Stories, fables, tales, legends, myths. Throughout humankind, we’ve had a fascination with telling stories. As a social experience, as an educational endeavour or just to entertain ourselves. The world is made up of little stories both real and fictional. There’s a story in the blockbuster you watched with your significant other, but there’s also a story in the clerk that served ...

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