Review: Harvest Moon: One World (Switch)

Teach the world to farm again.

Blast from the Past: Shadow of the Ninja (NES)

Sometimes stealth isn't the answer and everything must die.

Blast from the Past: S.C.A.T. (NES)

Like Contra but with jetpacks, you need to shoot, dodge and strafe your way to victory.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope announced for PS4, PC and Switch

After two decades, Harvest Moon will be PC for the very first time.

Wild Guns Reloaded is coming to Steam this year

Get yourself ready because there is going to be a shootout. Publisher Natsume has confirmed (via GameSpot) that Wild Guns Reloaded is hitting the PC via Steam later this year. Last year Wild Guns Reloaded came out on PlayStation 4 to bring back one of those true cult classics of the Super Nintendo Era. The shooting gallery genre unfortunately was long forgotten but Wild Guns has been on nearly eve...

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