Need for Speed

EA gives Need for Speed back to Criterion Games

Back where the Speed belongs.

EA to launch a new Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies and Star Wars game this year

Sounds like some Titanfall news might also drop later this year.

Six magical ‘mid-game’ moments

The small moments of joy that keep you coming back for more...

New Need For Speed game won’t be always-online, out this year

We have gone full circle, with games promoting offline singleplayer and brand-new features like pausing.

New Need For Speed confirmed for the next Financial Year

There are a few certainties in life, death, taxes and a new Need For Speed game in the not so distant future. And although it has had a few ups and downs along the way, there is no denying that the racing series has been very successful over the years. So, it came as no surprised that the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, confirmed that it will release in EA’s 2018 financial year: [quot...

A Trademark for a new Need for Speed appears

The Need for Speed series has become a bit stale of late. The latest entry wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t mind-blowing either, and it might seem like a good idea from Electronic Arts to give the series a bit of a break. That’s not going to happen it seems as it is expected to return again in 2017 by the look of things. This has been confirmed by Ghost Games, the developer behind the l...

Need for Speed to launch on PC next month in 4K and unlocked frame rate

Need for Speed saw a reboot last year – a trend these days for some older franchises that’s launched so many sequels that it needs to find itself again. Mortal Kombat did it in style several years ago, but Need for Speed ended being a mixed bag of results. Some fans were exceptionally happy about the return to the ‘Underground’ formula of the series, though there were one o...

Need for Speed receives a photo mode and more on Wednesday

Seeing new features being added to a game at no charge is always a satisfying thing, especially if it’s a game that’s not quite lived up to expectations at launch. Driveclub is a great example of how to turn an ugly duckling into a swan, and EA’s Need for Speed is looking at doing the same as the developers, Ghost Games, have been hard at work updating the game with new features ...

A new Need for Speed survey could indicate that drag racing is on the cards

As much as I felt that the Need for Speed reboot wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the Underground series by which it was heavily influenced, it was still a solid racing game and I’d even go so far as saying that it’s the best NFS title we’ve seen in a while. One race type that was sorely missed, yet frequently requested, in the reboot was drag racing, but if this new rumour is ...

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