Blast from the Past: S.C.A.T. (NES)

Like Contra but with jetpacks, you need to shoot, dodge and strafe your way to victory.

Blast from the Past: Darkwing Duck (NES)

The terror that flaps in the night instils the fear of high difficulty on the NES.

Blast from the Past: Wrecking Crew (NES)

Want to bash everything into little pieces? Come right in.

Blast from the Past: Life Force (NES)

Sometimes you just need to fly your spaceship inside a massive alien's body to get the job done.

Gamercast 12 – A retro episode all about the NES

We dive into the world of cartridges and no load times.

Blast from the Past: Contra (NES)

The 80s action hero era summarised in one classic action game.

Blast from the Past: Mighty Final Fight (NES)

The Final Fight team looks a little cuter this time around.

The Nintendo Switch comes with the most heartfelt Easter egg, honouring Satoru Iwata

There is a NES Golf game hidden on your Nintendo Switch right this moment.

Opinion: Keen on retro gaming? Don’t go the pirate route

Piracy for retro consoles is big business in South Africa again, and you should really avoid it.

Blast from the Past: Blaster Master (NES)

Time for some top-down and sideview action as we kill all those radioactive mutants with this cool tank we just happened across.

Blast from the Past: Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)

Mighty Bomb Jack is a reminder of simpler times, and why the game isn't recalled by many players thinking back to their childhood.

Blast from the Past: Super C (NES)

Super C is shorter and more difficult than you remember, but it still has the same exciting, frantic pace that kept you glued in your childhood.

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