CD Projekt becomes the second biggest game company based in Europe

Toss a lot of coins to your Witcher developer.

Netflix’s The Witcher launches on 20 December

The beast slayer returns soon

Four things we love doing while playing video games

Because if one is good, two is better...

Cuphead is receiving an animated series on Netflix

A deal has been made with the devil yet again.

The Witcher Netflix series will launch at the end of this year

The White Wolf will soon slay monsters on the not-so-silver screen.

The popular Narcos franchise takes a step into the gaming world

Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is - Pablo Escobar

Netflix shows off Henry Cavill as Geralt, and the reactions are… mixed

Hey look, it is something that is not exactly like the video game! Let's make a big fuss about it!

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