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Injustice 2 PC beta is finally live

Get your DC action on PC now to see how well it runs.

Rumour: Injustice 2 could be heading to PC in a Flash

The DC fighting game might be heading to PC after all.

Sub-Zero cools down Injustice 2 in July

Get ready for some nice ice, baby.

Review: Injustice 2 (PS4)

Injustice 2 has enough content and modes to keep any and all players happy. Whether you want story, button mashing or care about frame counts, you need to don your super suit.

Hey NetherRealm, let’s talk about animations

Sometimes fighting games just get things wrong, like the way people hold their bodies.

Video: Injustice 2 launch trailer brings a fresh beat

Injustice 2 might be out everywhere in the world, but here in South Africa you'll have to do with some wub wub tunes until Friday.

Video: Not buying Injustice 2? Get a look at every finishing move

In case you aren't buying Injustice 2, or if you really can't wait until Friday to see how everyone brings the pain. We have your punching and kicking covered.

Video: This is everything you need to know about Injustice 2

Missed out on the Injustice 2 reveals so far? This should get you up to speed.

Local Injustice 2 tournament gets announced. Prepare those finger muscles

The Injustice 2 South African Cup is coming, run by the African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL).

Review: Mortal Kombat XL (PC)

Mortal Kombat XL finally makes its way to PC, prepare the keyboard for heavy button mashing.

Gamescom: Injustice 2 – Harley Quinn and Deadshot reveal trailer

Warner Bros. have released a new trailer revealing two new characters for the upcoming fighting game Injustice 2. The characters in question? Harley Quinn and Deadshot. No surprise really considering the timing of the Suicide Squad movie and that both characters were recently released on the Gods Among Us mobile game. Injustice 2 will be available in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nether...

Blind Mortal Kombat player is probably better than you

Blind gamer, Ross Minor, doesn’t let his lack of sight keep him from enjoying video games, particularly Mortal Kombat X. Minor has released a video on YouTube demonstrating the process whereby he uses the game’s sound effects rather than visuals especially when pulling off some tricky combos. While a large number of games do have subtitle options it has taken some time for developers t...

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