New IP

Platinum Games announce their new IP with bombastic trailer featuring a doggo

And also giant robot men and Godzilla creatures.

The new IP from Yakuza developers will be revealed next month

The big new IP will likely be shown at the Tokyo Game Show.

The creators of Alien: Isolation are working on a new IP

Total War is a household name, Alien: Isolation was a unique experience, what more can we expect from Creative Assembly?

Yakuza developers are working on a new IP

The people behind the wonderful Yakuza games are coming up with something new and fresh.

Shadow of the Colossus remake developer is working on yet another remake instead of new IP

The masters of the remake are sticking with their craft for the time being.

SEGA to publish a ‘narrative driven’ game developed by Interior Night

Ex-Quantic Dream design lead establishes a new studio and partners with SEGA on a new IP.

The Coalition collaborating with Storylab Productions on a new IP

At least we can expect one more exclusive for Xbox in the future...

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best New IP

Sometimes it seems like every game has a number to it or it's a "reckoning", but sometimes something completely new comes along and surprises us all.

Square Enix announces new game Antique Carnevale

A new IP is on the way but for now we aren't really sure what it is...

BioWare’s mysterious new IP has been delayed

A "live service" BioWare game is coming, but that is about as much as we will hear for now.

We’ll see a brand new IP from BioWare in 2018

During聽EA’s investor meeting the CEO Andrew Wilson announced that BioWare are making a brand new IP that will be playable by 2018. Andrew described it as an action adventure title set in a “unique new universe”, so we perhaps shouldn’t expect to see another RPG. Wilson elaborated a bit more on the plans for the new IP by stating: [quote]At the end of the fiscal year, our Bi...

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