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Celebrate the New Year back in Hoenn

Trainers, get ready to take it back to Hoenn. As of yesterday Pokémon GO kicked off a new celebration for the new year. Pokémon originally released for the Hoenn region will, until the 29th of January, appear more frequently in the game. In addition, if trainers evolve a Shroomish during this time, their Brelooms will acquire an exclusive move known as Grass Knot. During the event, players will al...

It’s Adventure Time in Pokémon GO

We are going on an adventure!

Join the local Pokémon community this Saturday at a park near you

Find a community event near you to enjoy catching in numbers.

It’s time to celebrate the equinox in Pokémon GO

Get ready for special 2km eggs at PokéStops.

Niantic apologises for Chicago Fest, offers refunds and in game bonuses

Niantic issues apology, ticket refunds and gives attendees in game currency after anniversary event fails.

Niantic officially announces Legendary Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO

Stopped playing Pokémon GO? This legendary update might reel you back in

Niantic announces Pokémon GO events happening around the world

Global participation rewards means we aren't left out in the cold.

Pokémon GO’s next update is a BIG one – Revamped Gyms, TM’s & Raids!

It might be close to a year late, but finally they've added features we've been wanting for a long time

Pokémon Go has been downloaded 650 million times

I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought Pokémon Go would be so successful, but its level of popularity really has shot into the heavens. Niantic Labs revealed that the game has been downloaded 650 million times – that’s a lot of a freaking downloads, you guys. It is, however, slowing down though as the download rate is slower now than it was when the game released. This is ...

Johto finally hitting Pokémon GO with over 80 new Pokémon and features

YES TRAINERS the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, Generation 2 Pokémon incoming! According to Niantic’s Pokémon GO website players are about to be graced with over 80 new Pokémon from the franchises Johto region, otherwise known as generation 2 Pokémon. No exact date was provided but the word is that the update will be live later this week. Apart from the update of us receiving ...

Data miners dig up information on shinies, costumes & genders in Pokémon GO

Data Miners from The Silph Road have uncovered even more secrets in the code of the latest Pokémon GO updates. Included in the code is sound files for a 100 new Pokémon which I assume is for the generation 2 release of pocket monsters from Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Gold. Whats more is a new section found in the code for “shinies”! For the Pokémon veterans out there you know exactly wh...

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