Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls Remastered Switch release date finally announced

Now you can go out and Praise the Sun while on the move!

If you’re looking for an artistic new platformer, then Gris is for you

Witness the artistic beauty of Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio's new creation.

Steep not coming to the Switch after all

Guess you can't Switch to this title...

Those with multiple consoles are happier

PS4/Xbox One + Switch = Gaming Happiness?

Nintendo report shows nearly 20 million Switches have been sold

Nintendo soaring thanks to massive software sales.

Rumour: Xbox’s next-gen console may include streaming only box

Scarlett is not just a pretty face anymore... could two Xbox consoles be on the way?

Unreal Engine updates for Fortnite released to all Switch developers

Looks like we have Fortnite to thank for some future Switch game improvements.

Hollow Knights receives final free DLC late August 2018

Although the platform is wide open for more content in the future, Team Cherry will release its final DLC pack for their Metroidvania type game.

Two beloved Nintendo franchises are getting more updates later this year

We'll be splatting and power sliding with new content for some time to come.

The Witness not coming to Switch in the near future

Jonathan Blow and his team are focusing on new games.

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