Nintendo Switch

Rumour: Is YouTube finally coming to the Switch this week?

Ready to watch cat videos in docked mode?

Latest PS4 and Switch sales figures indicate contrasting trajectories

PS4 flying and Switch floundering to hit yearly targets.

Nintendo might be focusing on DLC for their bigger existing titles

Let's hope this does not include Mario loot boxes.

Fallout 76 on Nintendo Switch just wasn’t doable, according to Bethesda

Most Bethesda games are coming to the platform, but the online ones seem to be left behind.

Review: The Room (Switch)

What's in the box?

Review: Dark Souls: Remastered (Switch)

Dark Souls goes mobile and to Nintendo. Want to praise on the go?

Event: Splatoon 2 Primary School Tournament – KZN

This first of its kind tournament shows a bright future for esports, and Nintendo, in South Africa. The day was an enjoyable and riveting experience for all those involved.

Let’s Go trainers, adventure awaits!

Check out Kanto, legendary Pokemon and so much more.

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