Odyssey producer finally settles Toad head vs hat debate

The hat or the head... that is the question.

Rumour: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed might receive a sequel this year

The blue speedster could be back to transform kart racing games once again.

Rumour: Hey, is that Crash Bandicoot on the Switch!?

Original Crash Trilogy coming to the Switch?

Celebrate Fire Emblem Heroes’ 1 year anniversary

Who wants some Fire Emblem cake? Sorry no cake, but some other goodies are here.

Switch outsells Wii U in 10 months, forecast increased to over 17 million by fiscal year end

It feels like a long time ago that it was all doom and gloom for the Big N. Prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch Nintendo had hit an all-time low due to the Wii U being a massive failure. Last year at this time no one had any clue whether the Switch would succeed or be the final nail in the coffin for the once successful gaming company. As history will recall Nintendo are masters at being t...

Trainers get ready for 2018 – The year of Legendary Pokémon!

Playing (Ultra) Sun and Moon still? This year is going to be full of legendaries for you.

Nintendo thinks out of the cardboard box and introduces Nintendo Labo!

Nintendo is about to bring out your inner child with their most creative concept yet.

Opinion: Adding a price tag to 1-2 Switch is the best thing Nintendo ever did

Loving the amazing games on the Switch? Thank 1-2 Switch for that change.

The new speedrunning craze is about getting to Mario’s nipples

The most recognisable game character's nipples are a new focal point for speedrunners.

Soul Calibur VI producer is ‘interested’ in porting the game to the Switch

There is still hope for Switch owners. The soul still burns.

Rumour: Burnout Paradise rated for Nintendo Switch in Brazil

Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the game is pretty

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best Nintendo Switch Exclusive

The Switch may be less than a year old but the system already has a killer lineup. Despite amazing titles, only one can take home the prize.

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