Blast from the Past: NBA Jam (SNES)

The bigger the love, the bigger the shove in this basketball classic of the 90s

Snipperclips is finally receiving Pro Controller support this week

Cut it out together... using a Pro Controller.

Super Mario Run is not ‘acceptably profitable’ despite 200 million downloads

Despite being downloaded by the same number of people as there are in Brazil, Super Mario Run is apparently not yet profitable.

The Nintendo Switch shipped a whopping 7 million consoles by September

Today Nintendo made a big announcement about the sales of the Nintendo Switch. According to the results of their latest financial report as of 30 September, 7.63 million units of the Switch have been shipped and sold. That is an insane number considering it’s struggled to keep up with the demand. Had there been more consoles, it might’ve been a bigger number. That said, it’ll onl...

Review: Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

The iconic ex-plumber returns for another adventure that leaves another feather in his cap.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camper is coming to a phone near you

You will soon experience racoons wanting to break your legs on your phone, and it looks like it might be fun.

Review: Super NES Classic Edition

Nintendo unleashes one of its best eras on the masses. Whatever you do, don't miss out.

Pokémon Sun & Moon to receive Shiny Silvally

Who can so no to shiny things?

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