Opinion: How an SSD can change your life

Loading times may be a thing of the past soon. Come found out why.

Opinion: Accessibility in games and why it’s important

From subtitles to custom controllers and game difficulty, accessibility is something important that needs to be discussed.

Opinion: BioWare joins a long list of developers hiding harmful environments behind ‘passion’

BioWare wants you to know everyone is passionate. No nobody being medically boarded over here.

Opinion: There are just too many games, man

We all complain that we have too many games. But why is that?

Opinion: Ubisoft’s continued post-launch support for games made me a fan

It's good to see a publisher not giving up on their struggling games for a change.

Opinion: The Xbox 360 – the unforgettable console that created communities in SA

Microsoft asked us to jump in, and that's exactly what we did.

Opinion: For the love of all things sacred, please stop pre-ordering

With so much uncertainty, are you sure you want to pay up front?

Opinion: I feel no shame playing games on easy mode anymore

Embracing the lifestyle of a filthy casual or just having fun?

Opinion: We’re living in a golden era in gaming – enjoy it

Gaming is still not perfect, but we've reached a fantastic era in this industry

Opinion: Why is ‘mobile’ such a bad word?

Whisper the word "mobile" and chaos ensues. Why is that?

Opinion: The day I switched off from the Switch

A great first year followed by an onslaught of ports have brought me to a crossroads.

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