Outlast 2

Outlast developers tease new game

Something spooky is coming.

PS Plus members battle the Yokai or a deadly cult this November

PlayStation's strong game lineup continues.

Outlast developer’s next game will be a departure from their formula

The indie horror masters have something new up their sleeve.

Outlast 2 is running incredibly well on the Switch

Somehow the Switch might just outlast the other current generation consoles.

Get your bundle of terror, Outlast is now on the Switch

You can now have some dongs and scares on the go.

Video: Outlast 2 receives another terrifying trailer

Who is going to review this? The team seems to call it NOPElast 2.

Outlast 2 banned in Australia for sexual assault scene

Outlast 2 is the latest game added to the list of titles Australia will not allow. The game has been refused a rating by the Australian Classification Board due to one specific scene. The scene in question involves what is described as sexual violence and with no rating, the game cannot be released. Kotaku Australia provided the official documentation about the nature and content of the scene that...

Outlast II gets a final release date and a physical copy

Guys, if you haven’t played Outlast then you haven’t lived through a great horror game. Unlike most horror titles in recent memory, this game scared the crap out of everyone who played it. I absolutely adored the game, and how it blended stealth, survival and bat-shit crazy. So when I heard that Red Barrels (the creator) was creating Outlast 2, I was more than ready for it. The game, l...

This Outlast 2 adult diaper is here to help your couch survive the game

Are you looking forward to some horror in Outlast 2? It looks like it is promising many jump scares and terrifying moments and maybe your body just can’t handle that kind of pressure. If you have a sphincter that is prone to forgetting its purpose in the middle of a scary game, Outlast 2‘s developer, Red Barrels, has a Kickstarter that might just save your couch and a shred of your dig...

Grab the Outlast 2 demo on the PlayStation Store right now

It sucks when a game gets delayed, especially if you’ve been exceptionally excited about a particular game. We recently reported that Outlast 2 had been delayed into 2017. Yes, we’ll get a better game at the end, but fans of the survival horror genre needs their new fix of terror. We have some good news for you. The Outlast 2 demo is available on the PlayStation Store right now. If you...

Outlast 2 delayed to 2017

Quite possibly one of the scariest games you can find on current generation consoles and PC, Outlast is one of the few games that was truly a horrific experience. Having nothing to defend yourself, other than using your recording device to light up the space around you and hiding from the monstrosities – you were really abandoned and on your own. Late last year the news surfaced that Outlast...

Video: First Outlast 2 footage looks terrifying

Other than the teaser trailer with the upside down cross burning, and then the video with the reversed audio providing a chilling message there’s been very little to drive home just what Outlast 2 will be about. We now finally have an official gameplay video and if you’re not all that into horror games you should just avoid this. Instead of a mental hospital with secrets you are now fa...

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