Five things gamers never asked for

Like those socks you got for your birthday. You never asked for them, but there they are.

Blizzard launches an Overwatch Cosplay Battle – Meet the teams, and help choose the projects

You choose the outfit, you help choose the winner. Get ready for some intense crafting.

Watch how Overall BlizzCon Cosplay Winner, KeltonFX, built his award winning costume

13 months of planning, building and hard work brought this amazing cosplay to life.

BlizzCon 2018: Opening ceremony

Remasters, a mobile game, new heroes and a lot of those gorgeous cinematics. This is Blizzard.

Destiny and Overwatch helped Activision Blizzard reach $60 billion market value

Well done gamers, you're making the corporate companies rich with the games-as-a-service titles...

Closet Cosplays – Halloween Edition

Your Halloween outfit might be lurking in your closet.

Blizzard opens pre-orders for Snowball replica

Oh, did we mention it actually floats?

Get ready for Halloween in Overwatch from October 9

Evil rises in the night, ready to knock down castle doors.

Lend a helping hand for a charity event this weekend

Support has arrived in the form of a local Breast Cancer Awareness event. Donate your time to help make some pink ribbons!

Overwatch’s new animated short teaches us more about D.Va’s sense of duty

We finally get a closer look at fan favourite D.Va.

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