Tracer is baking us cake for Overwatch’s anniversary

Time to Trace & Bake and celebrate two years of Overwatch.

Boss Key Production shuts its doors

It is hardly surprising, but it remains sad nontheless.

Overwatch Anniversary event video leak shows a pirate Junkrat

Hope you have some credits saved up for May 22.

Retribution was Overwatch’s most played event

Retribution is the most played event in Overwatch... so give us more story stuff now please?

Overwatch knows you would like role queues, but the system would bring problems

Imagine the tank and healers picking DPS as soon as they role queue...

The next Overwatch event is all about the Blackwatch

3 DPS and one healer go on a mission...

New Overwatch hero Brigitte now playable

The tankiest support hero to date is on the front lines now.

Overwatch’s next hero is melee support Brigitte

Part tank, part support, Brigitte is here to rally your team.

Overwatch update lets you do important things before a match, like change your skin

I don't know about you, but looking good makes me play better.

A fan-made Overwatch map has Jeff Kaplan’s attention

Kaplan has told the map's creator that they will be in touch soon.

Overwatch to get longer comics and in-game story archives

Blizzard is looking at longer comics for Overwatch and having some of the lore in-game.

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