Pink Mercy charity campaign raises $12.7 million for breast cancer research

When you call for healing, Overwatch players answer.

Overwatch fans are trying to get Blizzard to call him Hammond instead of Wrecking Ball

We got the joke, it was okay for a few minutes and now we want to focus on the genius.

Seeing Overwatch League live made me love the game even more

In the Blizzard Arena, dreams are made and fans join together, regardless of which team's jersey they are wearing.

A Blizzard patent for Overwatch’s Play of the Game AI and sharing has surfaced

Blizzard's patent was filed in 2016 and has surfaced now.

Ever wondered what Overwatch maps look like from the outside?

Sometimes out of bounds is exactly where you want to be.

Tracer is baking us cake for Overwatch’s anniversary

Time to Trace & Bake and celebrate two years of Overwatch.

Boss Key Production shuts its doors

It is hardly surprising, but it remains sad nontheless.

Overwatch Anniversary event video leak shows a pirate Junkrat

Hope you have some credits saved up for May 22.

Retribution was Overwatch’s most played event

Retribution is the most played event in Overwatch... so give us more story stuff now please?

Overwatch knows you would like role queues, but the system would bring problems

Imagine the tank and healers picking DPS as soon as they role queue...

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