Ozzy Osbourne

6 Celebrities cameo appearances in video games

Who doesn’t love a good easter egg or cameo appearance in a video game? Just last week I was playing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare only to see Lewis Hamilton as a member of the crew on my spaceship. I couldn’t believe it was him. It was so random and perfect that I simply had to create a list of celebrity cameos in video games. Here’s just a little dash of who you can find in wha...

More Songs Heading to Rock Band 4!

Just yesterday I wrote a little piece about the return of the plastic instrument Music genre to gaming and how much I absolutely adored Rock Band 3. I mentioned the obvious in that the tracklist is of utmost importance when it comes to the games and that generally Rock Band had a very strong lineup in the past. It seems that the trend is continuing as Rock Band 4 looks to have some killer tracks (...

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