Patch notes

PUBG will be testing out deadlier blue zones next week

A deadlier blue zone will mean you either need to get into the play area or die.

The next Civilization VI patch will keep you from losing your religion

Get ready for religious warfare to follow many of the rules that make conventional warfare work so well.

Ghost Recon Wildlands update adds harder post-game content

Looking for more challenges in Wildlands? The tier system has you covered.

Endless Space 2 wants you to free someone trapped in a neutron star

A free update with new content has the same amount as gravity as a neutron star.

Update removes seemingly offensive gesture from Mario Kart 8

Just when you thought it was safe to play Mario Kart with your European friends...

Time to hop in for a few more turns with Civilization VI’s spring update

Sometimes when a new 4X game comes out, I go through phases of intense playing followed by long breaks. This has happened in Civilization VI and while I really enjoy the game, sitting and playing an entire game from 4,000 BC to winning a space race takes a lot of time, making it pretty much the only thing I do that day.  Now the Spring update for the game is out, with a whack of balance changes an...

Diablo III’s next patch will add even more powerful items and an armoury

If you are looking to get into the higher level greater rifts and Torment difficulties, you are probably familiar with gear sometimes dropping as with the ancient modifier, allowing the item to do more damage or have higher stats than normal. The next patch, 2.5.0 will add an even better modifier to hunt for. Primal Ancient gear can roll with up to 30% better stats, helping you improve your DPS or...

Civilization VI update tweaks AI, fixes pile of bugs

I have been playing a lot of Civilization VI and wondering why the AI keeps churning out outdated catapults and religious units. It turns out I am not the only person with this issue and Civilization VI’s AI is getting a patch today, improving the way it builds a military as well as allowing the AI to try win Science and Tourism victories. The latest update is out right now and comes in at 2...

Legion gets more content, which means less sleep for everyone

World of Warcraft updated to version 7.1 today, with a 5-man reworked version of Karazhan, a mini raid, the continuation of the story of Suramar and a quest to raise a new mount (yeah, that sounds like it might be a big grind). It is a big patch and while it has many quality of life improvements, the classes are getting buffed and nerfed, depending on where they have been in the roster for top DPS...

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