Microsoft patent looking to ‘switch’ it up?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Down with loading! New Sony patent in the works

Less waiting as you step into new worlds...

A wireless PSVR unit could be on the cards

A new patent could lead to no movement restrictions.

Old Google controller patent sets internet abuzz

A lot of imagination has got some tongues wagging...

Nintendo 3D eye-tracking patent published

3DS tech coming to a TV near you?

A Blizzard patent for Overwatch’s Play of the Game AI and sharing has surfaced

Blizzard's patent was filed in 2016 and has surfaced now.

New patent suggests an evolution in PSVR’s controllers

That luminous ball stick might be a thing of the past.

EA has a patent that tinkers with matchmaking for ‘player engagement’

EA's latest patent is based on a research paper all about improving engagement for more spending.

We may soon be playing mini-games during loading screens

Gaming has come a really long way in the last 30-odd years, and I often think about how the brain of my 10-year-old self would’ve exploded in my skull if I knew that we’d have games like Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by this stage. The only problem with these kinds of open-world games, however, is that rendering such an enormous environment takes time, so we often have to endur...

Is Nintendo finally implementing Voice Chat to their devices?!

Fans of Nintendo systems have been asking for this for quite some time now, and if you’ve played games like Mario Kart 8, or more recently Splatoon, you would agree that Nintendo needs to bring Voice Chat to their consoles soon! A patent that Nintendo’s filed has been found which addresses the use of an external device used for in-game voice chat. It’s unclear weather the device ...

Nintendo Patent Eye Tracking Tech

Nintendo has filed a new patent that shows and describes an eye tracking device that will enable 3D viewing on a regular 2D monitor. The patent of the new tech works by having the end user wear an apparatus of some kind that allows the visuals to be viewed in 3D, similar to that of 3D glasses. The eye tracking camera placed on top of the monitor or TV then tracks the users eye movement through the...

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