Sony files patent for DualShock 5 attachment that can read biometrics

A controller that can detect your heart rate and sweat levels.

Hinged Joy-Con patent filed by Nintendo

I whip my 'Con back and forth...

Microsoft patent looking to ‘switch’ it up?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Down with loading! New Sony patent in the works

Less waiting as you step into new worlds...

A wireless PSVR unit could be on the cards

A new patent could lead to no movement restrictions.

Old Google controller patent sets internet abuzz

A lot of imagination has got some tongues wagging...

Nintendo 3D eye-tracking patent published

3DS tech coming to a TV near you?

A Blizzard patent for Overwatch’s Play of the Game AI and sharing has surfaced

Blizzard's patent was filed in 2016 and has surfaced now.

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