Ho, ho, ho, we’ve brought some SALES!

Please, come in and see the sales.

Rumour: Capcom is already hard at work on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake

Looks like we'll be returning to Racoon City at least one more time.

Epic Games is launching its own store and will give developers 88% revenue split

Valve might need to blow off some steam, Epic Games is about to bite into their profits.

Negan finally introduces the Tekken 7 cast to Lucille

Things are about to get a little ugly in Tekken 7

Review: Mutant Year Zero – Road to Eden (PC)

Sometimes you just need a mutant to do things properly.

Legendary composer, Hans Zimmer, to perform at The Game Awards

He's there to perform various video game classic soundtracks. This could be special.

Marduk, Armor King and Julia Chang smash their way into Tekken 7

Two of the characters are available for download via season pass 2 today.

Crikey, we found some SALES!

It doesn't have to Black Friday for there to be deals around.

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