Latest BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle character introduction trailer shows off what the DLC has in store

Platinum the Trinity, Orie Ballardiae and Kanji Tatsumi join the fray.

Gwent will finally be getting an arena mode

Tired of being stomped on by players who have spent their mortgage on the game? Arena mode is here to save the day.

Blanka is charging up for his big Street Fighter V release

Sounds like lightning, very very frightening.

Ponies are getting rowdy in Them’s Fightin’ Herds

Sometimes a pony just needs to uppercut and air juggle another pony.

Blake and Yang have been freed up in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Sometimes you just need to make your DLC free.

Rumour: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed might receive a sequel this year

The blue speedster could be back to transform kart racing games once again.

Far Cry 5 season pass takes you to Vietnam, Mars and a world filled with zombies

...and the cherry on top is that you get Far Cry 3 Classic Edition for free with the season pass.

Dota 2’s updates are about to get far more frequent

Dota 2 is going to get more regular balance patches for a while to see if it works better than the previous slower system.

Hearthstone patch patches Patches and other pests

Goodbye Patches, get patched in this patch and take your filthy fish self to the patch outside. (No salt here)

Dragon Ball FighterZ has an incredible look on lowest graphical settings

For maybe the first time ever, setting a game to the lowest graphical setting is actually gratifying.

The Paradox Interactive bundle will make you a grand strategy master

Come join in the grand strategy, or grab the masterful CRPG Pillars of Eternity for cheap.

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