Razer’s Game Store will be shut down at the end of the month

Rest in peace, young storefront. We barely knew you.

Star Citizen dev calls ray tracing a ‘massive headache’

RTX may be the future, but not everyone's stoked about it.

The last Tekken 7 DLC drops next week

Julia Chang and Negan enter the King of Iron Fist tournament.

Hide your wallets, the SALES are coming!

The sales are coming. Are you ready?

Call of Duty to include a single-player mode this year

A new co-op mode to be introduced too.

Kick back and bask in the SALES!

Hopefully you have some money left, because there are some great sales this week.

Artyom’s Nightmare leaves some food for thought in Metro Exodus

Dreaming about a better life in Metro Exodus isn't a good idea.

Left Alive Mech Edition will please mech fans

Your bank balance will likely not be left alive.

God Eater 3 may grace the Switch

They know people want it, so... maybe?

Take-Two Interactive signs up Dead Space director to a new game development studio

Michael Condrey is back and working on a new unannounced game.

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