Stellaris’ next expansion will take us to some Distant Stars

There is something showing up on our sensors captain... something we haven't ever seen before.

Capcom’s Vancouver team drops mobile game to return to Dead Rising series

The mobile game is dead and an old classic is rising

Life is Strange developers in talks with major publisher for two new titles

DONTNOD has come a long way and could soon play a bigger part in the industry

Sonic Mania gets nice update with level transitions and a new boss

Sonic Mania gets some much needed improvements ahead of the Sonic Mania Plus release.

Onimusha trademark pops up in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more countries

It's only a few trademarks, but right now that's all we have to keep the faith

Shenmue I and II are officially being remastered for consoles and PC

Finally, you'll be able to live as Ryo Hazuki on modern hardware.

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