A new Afro Samurai is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

It feels like light years ago that we last had the chance to dismember foes with our sword in Afro Samurai. The Japanese Anime series translated well to the gaming format as it came bundled with the unique Japanese art style and narrative. At the time it received a mixed response whereby some absolutely loved it and others did not quite pick up on all the hype. All we know is that it left a mark (...

No Man’s Sky is not exclusive to PS4

After the mouth-watering footage we all witnessed at the Sony E3 media briefing No Man’s Sky is very high up on everyone’s ‘must have’ list. Until now it’s not been clear whether Sony’s had made arrangements with the developers to make it exclusive to their format. Remember the ‘Sony’s <3 Indie’s’ campaign? After the emotional applause...

It’s Catch That Sale Time

Wow, I can’t believe it that time of the week already! If you weren’t tempted to buy games last week, you might not be tempted this week either. The games on sale this week aren’t riveting, but the good news is, Steam summer sale is on the go right now, so you might want to have a look at things. However, for those of you wanting to splurge a little, lets take a look at the chef&...

CoD: Ghosts Invasion DLC finally dated for PC and PlayStation platforms

If you’re an Xbox 360 or Xbox One player you would have been enjoying the Invasion DLC since 3 June earlier this month, because of the early exclusive agreement with Activision. Time has now run out and the content will now be available for download on 3 July next month on PC and PlayStation platforms. There will be four new, small to medium sized, maps for download, so expect the battles to...

Dead Rising 3 is coming to a PC near you in September

Dead Rising 3 will ironically launch in the same month this year as the Xbox One in South Africa – September (which means in South Africa it launches just about simultaneously). It’s just a rumour at this stage, but a pretty good one I think. When you see the date being leaked on Steam it’s as official as it gets without Capcom telling us that it’s true. PC players will be ...

Madden NFL 15 Sacks the Quarterback With This Trailer

It’s a crying shame that more people don’t play the Madden games in this country. It’s probably a mixture of reasons, including not knowing how the sport works, and also because it’s not played here. Well forget whatever you think you know or don’t know about the sport, because irrespective of that, the Madden games are worth giving a go. To this day, EA’s Madde...

Review: Contrast (PS4)

Contrast lurks in the shadows, but does it ever truly come into the light?

Review: Outlast (PS4)

If horror is what you like, you're in a for a fear-filled treat.

Review: LEGO: The Hobbit

LEGO takes another stab at Tolkien's Middle-Earth, and It's Precioussssss

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