Dragon Ball FighterZ has an incredible look on lowest graphical settings

For maybe the first time ever, setting a game to the lowest graphical setting is actually gratifying.

The Paradox Interactive bundle will make you a grand strategy master

Come join in the grand strategy, or grab the masterful CRPG Pillars of Eternity for cheap.

Cape Town’s mightiest warriors can gather for a Dragon Ball FighterZ launch tournament

Is your fighting spirit the strongest? Come prove it this weekend.

Wishes come true in the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer

Will you join the rank of fighterz?

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition releases in February

Get ready to smack buildings with swords until they catch on fire again.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launch trailer explains this whole multiple version thing

Sometimes you need a video to explain what is going on in a video game's release.

A primer on the new features of Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion

Civilization VI has already made me regret playing into the small hours of the morning, saying “one more turn”, and it doesn’t look like it plans on stopping this anytime soon.  The expansion for the game, Rise and Fall, adds gold ages and dark ages and makes your game have a sense of history and meaning as you pass through the various eras. For example, every era will have a sco...

Review: The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff (PC)

Get ready to do some laundry.

Psychonauts 2 delayed and won’t launch in 2018

It might take double the time, but that's just fine

Cuphead has sold 2 million copies

Some good news to swallow with your cup of tea today

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