First official F1 2018 gameplay trailer is making headlines

The lights go out later this month and so far it's looking very good.

Review: GARAGE: Bad Trip (PC)

Drugs, zombies, body horror and a drug dealer in the wrong place at the very wrong time.

Forza Horizon devs acquire people from Bioware, Rocksteady and more for RPG game

The best racing game studio is now after some of the best RPG talent on earth.

Video: Get your first look at some Blackout gameplay for CoD: Black Ops 4

And get more information on the traditional multiplayer beta that kicks off on Friday.

HTC claims Vive had its ‘highest sales’ amidst sales decline report

It could be that they're stuck in their virtual world. Who knows?

These are the SALES you are looking for!

It's winter sales time, come see all the deals.

Monster Hunter World on PC looks great

Grab your graphics card and your sharpening stone.

Review: Sleep Tight (PC)

While adorable, Sleep Tight will make you want to snooze.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is receiving a free VR mode on PC

Nothing was sacrificed to ensure a quality VR experience

EA won’t shut down the developer if Anthem fails, says ex Bioware long-time employee

As he leaves, James Ohlen paints a picture of things inside BioWare and EA.

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