Review: Knack 2 (PS4 Pro)

Mark Cerny's baby boy is back in his second adventure except this time they nail it.

Black The Fall launch trailer looks deliciously Orwellian

Communism, dystopia and a dash of Inside.

Review: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4 Pro)

Crash runs, jumps and spins his way back into contention with a grand remake.

Little Nightmares is getting a three chapter DLC

Are you ready for the Secrets of the Maw?

Super Meat Boy creator’s new game is called The End is Nigh

Are you ready to punish yourself with a platformer? Come on, you know you like it.

Nyamakop accepted into international games accelerator Stugan

It seems that the Kenyan / South African studio Nyamakop is going to get a lot of time to whip their playdough platformer into shape. Wait, playdough platformer? Semblance is just that. Imagine being an energetic blob and the world around you is firm, but squishy. You can nudge platforms to beath those impossible to make jumps or frustratingly out of reach collectibles suddenly are *just* in reach...

Review: Little Nightmares (PS4)

Run and hide, or the Maw will swallow you whole.

Do you like platforming? N++ has over 4,000 levels

4,340 stages? We will be done by lunch, right?

This Kickstarter is all about scratching that Ghosts ‘n Goblins itch

Who remembers playing Ghosts ‘n Goblins (or Ghouls ‘n Ghosts) when they were younger? I always found it to be ridiculously difficult, but that didn’t stop me from trying again and again. If you enjoy the idea of games that follow in the footsteps of that crazy arcade platformer, you need to see the Kickstarter for Battle Princess Madelyn. You play as a young knight, Madelyn, with...

Like platformers that push your precision to the brink? You need to see Celeste

Are you into platformers? Games like Super Meat Boy test your limits, pushing you to be faster and faster, learning from deaths and moving on with improved timings. If frenetic wall combos, air dashes and pinpoint accuracy are your thing, you need to keep an eye on Celeste. Celeste is a game about climbing a mountain, a mountain that for some reason is bristling with spikes. Each level is a small ...

Review: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (3DS)

Will Sonic Boom or will he fizzle?

Disney details timeline for shutting down online features in Infinity

It was a sad day when Disney announced that Disney Infinity was being discontinued. It has been almost surreal, with images of designed figures that will never be released floating around the internet. Now the looming death knell is apparent thanks to a timeline from Disney. By March 3, 2017 all Disney Infinity online services and community features will be discontinued for all versions of the gam...

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