PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

We get a look at the new Desert map for PUBG

Battle royale over sprawling sand dunes and camping between craters anyone?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds serving chicken dinners for Xbox One on 12 December

Console gamers can finally get in on the action and play PUBG this year.

PUBG will be testing out deadlier blue zones next week

A deadlier blue zone will mean you either need to get into the play area or die.

Brendan Greene would love to add single player to PUBG, but no plans for it yet

No plans in place for a single player campaign yet, but the idea wasn't dismissed.

Pewdiepie uses N-word in stream, Campo Santo threatens DMCA takedown

Pewdiepie is in the news, again, for racism, again.

PUBG creator compares game to League of Legends, wants 100 million users

The creator of Chicken Dinner Simulator thinks it's possible that the game can cross 100 million users.

Oceanic area is getting PUBG servers, could we be next?

With other regions getting servers to give players a better chance, a little hope creeps in.

PUBG beats out Dota 2 as the most played game on Steam

That is a lot of people that really want some chicken.

Video: Stream honking is the new stream sniping in PUBG

Because of course you want to ruin somebody's stream, you terrible muck-dweller.

The Burning Question: Have you ever used hacking tools in a game?

Have you ever used a hacking tool to get an edge in a game? We want to know.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is dominating with Steam users

The rush for chicken dinner has surpassed concurrent users for everything except CS:GO and Dota 2.

Popular PUBG streamer’s ban leads to violent threat

Even in character, threats of violence are taken seriously.

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