Playstation 4

Sony Japan announced a Kingdom Hearts III themed PS4 at TGS 2018

A few more Kingdom Hearts 3 themed items hit online retailers. This time in the shape of a 500GB or 1TB PS4.

See Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain early gameplay footage on PS4

Alien invasions of Earth seem to never end. Luckily we got Starship, uh, Earth Defense Forces...

Review: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)

Step out of the shadow.

Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PS4)

Masterful ball control.

How Spider-Man’s fluid movement makes his superhuman-agility come to life

The magic of smooth movement, clever transitions and speed makes Spider-Man come to life.

Review: Strange Brigade (PS4)

A humorous take on the adventure series, with tombs of zombies and undead just waiting to die in horrible traps.

Trailers galore for China Hero Project games on PS4

Sony reveals impressive trailers for Kill X, Project Boundary, Pervader, Hardcore Mecha, and Lost Soul Aside.

H1Z1: Battle Royale gets an official launch date

Over 10 million players tried the beta and they liked it.

Review: The Mooseman (PS4)

Discover the myths from a world created a long time ago, split into three layers and inhabited by beings such as gods, spirits and man.

Realm Royale making its way to consoles

You either live long enough to win the fight, or end up being the chicken.

Microsoft and Nintendo revel in more cross-play fun at the obvious expense of their rival

Hey Sony - guess who is playing nicely and making you look bad...?

No Heroes Here comes to the PS4 tomorrow

Sometimes you need friends to help protect the castle.

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