PlayStation Plus

Not a PS Plus member? You’re getting free access to online multiplayer for a few days

You like 'Free'? You like online multiplayer? You should be happy

Opinion: How PS Plus and Games with Gold is destroying our idea of value

It's all fun and games on the surface, but to what extent?

PlayStation Plus in September includes some oldies, but goodies

Let's just say that it's a unique selection of games this month.

The Burning Question: How many of your ‘free games’ do you play?

We have to collect them all, but are we doing anything with them afterwards?

PlayStation Plus in August is explosive

There is a great mix of both AAA and indie games in August, so best you make space on your PS4, PS3 or Vita.

PlayStation Plus games for July are frighteningly good

A little horror, suspense, puzzle, fighting, Japanese and a quiz show - PlayStation Plus in July has it all!

Your PlayStation Plus games for June are killing it

Next month the PlayStation Plus games look a little strange, but it's the good kind.

PlayStation Plus games of May bring the entertainment

Tales from the Borderlands, Alienation and more will keep you company in May.

PlayStation Plus games in April is a war zone

The Playstation Plus service has come through with some stunning picks in the last two months, as it included a good balance of AAA and Indie games. In April we’ll see the release of Drawn to Death (from the mind of David Jaffe who brought you God of War and Twisted Metal) as well as another PS4 shooter, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. So expect lots of shooting to take place, be it in ange...

Your Little Big PlayStation Plus games for February

PlayStation Plus owners have been crying out for AAA PS4 games for some time now and it seems Sony is finally listening to you as they’ve included a PS4 classic that should be played by all. In the list of new games there are also a bunch of very cool Indie games for February. The good news is that other than one title on PS3 each and every game can be played on your PS4. Let’s take a ...

Your PlayStation Plus games for October look horrifyingly good

PlayStation Plus has had numerous ups and down throughout the existence of the service. Since it launched on the PS4 there have been some months with fantastic games, and others with less exciting offers. This month could perhaps be considered as one of the best in the history of PlayStation Plus. Whether you own a PS4, PS3 or Vita, there’s something for you this month. Come 5 October this i...

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