The PS5’s price has been described as ‘appealing’

We got no confirmation, but we at least have something.

Is the WiiU already becoming a collector’s item?

Look out investors - the Switch's unloved predecessor is starting to make some waves.

PS Plus is getting a hefty price increase

Get your subs quick before the price goes up.

All you need to know about PSVR’s launch in South Africa

The PSVR has been making waves since it first released to the masses last month. With good reason, VR has been touted as the evolution of modern gaming for years now and Sony’s device is a wonderful introduction to the world because of its affordability and the fact that you only need the PS4 console to run it. Us South Africans are forced to wait a bit longer to get the device in our hands,...

PlayStation VR – Price, launch date and everything else you need to know

Late last night the internet came alive as Sony finally revealed the launch date, pricing and other various details for their upcoming PlayStation VR hardware at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The PlayStation VR will launch in October this year and will retail for $399/ £349. That sets the price firmly between R6500 and R7000, and that’s without any import duties and local ...

Is the Rand killing gaming for you?

Just earlier this week Sony announced a PS4 price drop for Europe. South Africa was included in this price drop and to my amazement it dropped by R500. In the current turmoil the Rand finds itself in it came to me as a big surprise. I knew that an imminent console and game increase was on the cards, come November. So for it to drop in price was something I just never expected. However, it’s ...

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