BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’s Director explains half the roster being DLC

Oh sorry, the other half of your game's characters need to be downloaded.

Ark’s price doubles overnight, game still in early access

Ark's 100% price hike is proving to be rather controversial.

Microsoft is happy with the price of the Xbox One X

High-end premium hobby device is "expensive". People are upset.

The Burning Question: Does pricing affect your decision towards Video Games?

It’s been a roller coaster of a year for video games and personally I’ve seen some exciting and strange things this year. From a certain publisher/developer jumping on the burner to other publishers/developers striking deals we never thought they’d ever consider. Then there’s the HUGE list of amazing games that was released this year. An announcement of a “next gen” console and some retailers here...

Local pricing and pre-orders open for New 3DS

At long last we finally know that the New 3DS will land on our shores on 13 February, alongside our European counterparts. What’s more is that we finally have some pricing as well as pre-order details for you. For those who simply cannot wait, you can head off to RARU / TakeAlot right now and pre-order the hardware. Still here? This is what it will set you back for: New Nintendo 3DS (Black o...

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