Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is back as a… VR escape room game?

The prince is back, but not in the way you hoped.

Ubisoft is planning on releasing up to 4 games by March 2020

Strap yourselves in, things might get spicy.

Seven things in games we wish were real

Some could become real, while others are probably a bit far-fetched.

Perhaps we will see another voyage through the sands of time

Prince of Persia's creator wants to see a return for the franchise.

10 things in video games we wish were real

Video games allows us to do things we can't do in the real world, but these are some we wish we could do or have

Blast From The Past: Prince of Persia (Game Boy Color)

Save the Princess, Save Persia and Become the Prince

Are Prince of Persia type Platform Adventures gone forever?

It’s barely a secret how fond I am of the old Prince of Persia games. The original trilogy back on PS2 games were some of the best memories I have when it comes to gaming. The 2009 cell-shaded game was not my cup of tea, but the “sort of” movie tie-in (it really wasn’t) Forgotten Sands was nothing short of fantastic. A hidden gem amongst games that have tried and failed. Ev...

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