Project Scorpio

E3 2017 Conference: Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft unveils their smallest yet the most powerful console to date and invites you to feel true power

The Burning Question: What are you hoping will be announced at E3?

What do you want to see at E3? Or what do you really really not want to see?

Microsoft: Frame rate parity is up to developers, not an Xbox mandate

Microsoft won't force frame rate parity, but which developer would want the fallout of not giving multiplayer games parity?

Xbox Scorpio will release according to schedule, says Spencer

Project Scorpio should release overseas before the end of the year.

The Bleeding Edge: We look at a comparison of Forza 6 on Project Scorpio

After Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio final spec reveal yesterday, I’m sure most fans of the Xbox brand can’t wait to see just what some of the exclusives on the Xbox console would look like. In some of the videos floating round in the interwebs, you get to see some comparisons of Forza Motorsport 6 on both the Xbox One and on Project Scorpio. We’ve got some images of the ...

The Scorpio specs will finally be revealed tomorrow

Since its reveal last year at E3 we have been eager to hear what Microsoft’s next console will have under the hood. Microsoft have said that the Scorpio is a beast of a gaming machine and it wants all the games running on the system to be 4K as a standard. To do that you will need some serious processing power and it looks like tomorrow we will find out what the specs will be for the brand n...

Microsoft’s first party games must be ready for Project Scorpio – Spencer

Microsoft’s new Xbox, code-named Project Scorpio is expected to release in the US market at the end of the year, but we still don’t know much about the machine, other than it being billed as the most powerful console ever. But, Xbox boss, Phil Spencer responded to a tweet regarding launch games on Project Scorpio, and said that having their first party games ready for the console’...

Phil Spencer hints at increased number of Xbox One Exclusives for 2017

2017 is going to be a year filled with exclusives for Xbox One according to the boss-man, Phil Spencer. He also teased a new IP in his tweet response to one of his followers, which he later clarified as new addition being Rare’s adventure game Sea of Thieves. @ShayneCollins38 I feel very good about this year. Should have more 1P games than last year, great diversity + launching new IP.  Good year....

Video: Latest specs of the Scorpio leaked

At E3 last year we got our first look at the Scorpio, Microsoft’s new system due out the end of this year. Ever since the reveal things have been very quiet on the Scorpio front and we haven’t heard anything new. However, Digital Foundry got its hands on a new Microsoft document, which it has verified with Xbox developer sources, and breaks down the specs of the Scorpio in more detail....

Spencer’s faith in Project Scorpio sets the tone for a successful year for Microsoft

Phil Spencer has made strides in pleasing fans on news about Project Scorpio since its announcement at E3. Communicating all the latest plans for the franchise, clarification on certain rumors and general broadcasting on new developments with Project Scorpio. Even though we’re still left in the dark regarding the final build, the communication is still well received due to its informant leav...

Ubisoft speaks “New Levels” of graphics development for PS4 Pro and Scorpio

With the release of the PS4 Pro, it brought along a new era of gaming and development with it being the first mid-generation upgrade gaming has ever seen. Developers are now able to explore a new level of capability compared to it’s predecessor. As we all know, developers will take some time to push the new tech to its limits. With the likes of Project Scorpio, it might even take years befor...

Phil Spencer will consider VR when its more than just tech demos

While everyone and their dog is jumping on the VR bandwagon, Microsoft is just quietly going about their business, making what might be a very, powerful console indeed. And while Microsoft might not be focusing on VR right now, it doesn’t mean they’re not open for the idea, provided the time is right according to Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer: [quote]I don’t know, just to be honest, I love t...

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