Blast from the Past: Wipeout 2097 (PS1)

The future was and is explosive.

10 PS1 games that could do with a remake

With all the PS1 remakes of late, this is what we would like next.

Review: PlayStation Classic

It's a classic fail.

Blast from the Past: Die Hard Trilogy (PS1)

A movie-licensed game that isn't rubbish and actually quite good?

Internal discussions at Sony could lead to a PS1 classic mini console

Don't underestimate the power of a mini, classic PS1.

Opinion: Keen on retro gaming? Don’t go the pirate route

Piracy for retro consoles is big business in South Africa again, and you should really avoid it.

Blast from the Past: Tekken 3 (PS1)

Still the real King of Iron Fist Tournament

Blast from the Past: Dino Crisis (PS1)

Is this crisis worth another prehistoric visit?

Video: Top 10 PS1 games

If we had to choose the best gaming system to ever come out it would more than likely be the PlayStation 1. The system changed the way games were viewed in the late 90’s. It became the piece of tech to own if you wanted to be cool no matter who you were. Many of the games we have today started life on the PlayStation 1 and that’s why I decided to go back in time and countdown the Top 1...

The Burning Question: What is your best console of all time, and why?

Yes, I know it feels like some form of trick question as you are likely to have about three or four candidates that you believe should take the honour of best console ever. A console is also only as good as the games that launched on it, but without the hardware to support it, it’s not going to get very far. Below I’ve listed the consoles I believe are the best I’ve played on in ...

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