Duos mode in Battlefield 5’s Firestorm gets disabled due to lack of interest

Despite community requests, the matchmaking queues fell flat.

Sony reveals Predator: Hunting Grounds

Let's hope it's not Evolve 2.0

Sony’s vision is for PS5 to make ‘loading screens a thing of the past’

They believe it's the key to their next generation console

David Jaffe’s next project is a single player horror game

The man who created God of War and Twisted Metal is going even darker

Borderlands 3 has more skills, alt-fire modes and more loot

And you have a better chance if you are #foreveralone

Get cooking with PlayStation Plus in May

Some fantastic games this month, but some might be disappointed.

Anthem just got a new stronghold, but the roadmap is put on pause

Put the road map away, we are making a pit stop.

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