Some MediEvil remastered details leaked ahead of Halloween reveal

You might want to keep an eye out for Sir Daniel Fortesque's new trailer on Halloween.

Days Gone delayed to April 2019

Many more days will have come and gone before you get to play it.

You know what it is, it’s SALES time!

Empty your wallets, empty your hearts.

Darksiders 3 will last you just over 15 hours

Keep your fury at bay, this game doesn't cost that much.

Sony says the PS4 message exploit has been taken care of

That message exploit has been fixed, but some of us will keep our messages on friends only anyway now.

Opinion: Next generation consoles will be expensive – please build your bridge now

New shiny things are expensive, believe it or not. Time to start saving now.

Sony is hard at work getting ready for their ‘next generation PlayStation campaign’

Don't get too excited, this is just part of them prepping for their next gen.

SALES as far as the day is long!

It's time for some good old-fashioned capitalism, baby.

The Licker in Resident Evil 2 remake is tougher than it ever was

The remake looks like it's going to be a tense affair.

It’s official, you’ll be able to change your PSN ID in 2019

Change it once for free, and then pay for your next change.

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