PS4 Pro

Video: Digital Foundry puts PS4 Pro’s Super-Sampling mode to the test

Could this finally be the reason for standard HD owners to pick up the PS4 Pro?

Destiny 2 getting HDR support on PS4 Pro after launch

Destiny 2 will get HDR support at some point after launch for those who are on the PS4 Pro.

Bungie explains why Destiny 2 is only running at 30fps on console – again

It all comes down to filling the area with enough monsters to shoot.

Get an in-depth look at Gran Turismo Sport

PS4 Pro and PS VR support, custom liveries and photo mode - looks like GT Sport comes packed with content.

Opinion: Can all this pixel counting please just 4K right off!?

Mention resolution as the selling point of something one more time, I dare you.

Behind Closed Doors: Spider-Man (PS4 Pro)

Are your spidey senses tingling? If not it really should as it's the next big super hero game in the making

Video: Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new teaser trailer

Warhorse Studios has been quiet, but expect some new information on Friday.

PS4 Pro not even capable of running Destiny 2 at 60fps

The GPU is mighty, but the CPU just can't handle the pace.

A new update for Final Fantasy XV drops in on 27 April

Final Fantasy XV will receive another update (or as others like to call it ‘free’ update) next week which should fix a few issues for the PlayStation 4 Pro. There won’t be many fixes for the PS4, but new game elements have been added that may make travelling through Eos a little better. “The new update will introduce additional features for PS4 Pro users, including a new im...

In the market for a PS4 or PS4 Pro? Get ready for big savings

I always kick myself for being an early adopter of a console. I always pay the premium price for a console that comes without any bonus or extras of any sort, and I never learn. If you’ve been waiting for that special PS4 or PS4 Pro deal then I have some really great news for you, as both consoles will be getting some big deals towards to end of April and May. Here is what is on offer from 1...

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