EA is buying Respawn for $455 million

The titan that is EA has dropped in to buy the Titanfall devs.

Wanna play Halo on your PS4? That’s not such a far-fetched idea as it might seem

We might get Microsoft games on PS4, but don't hold your breath.

Review: Call of Duty WWII (PS4)

Call of Duty has gone back to its roots, with smatterings of loots and zombies to boot.

It’s all about speed and customisation in this Sonic Forces launch trailer

The blue hedgehog with an attitude is back... for the second time in the same year.

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (PS4)

Aloy me to tell you a tale of a trip to the Frozen Wilds.

UFC 3 kicks, punches and wrestles its way to you on 2 February

It's not a long wait to get back into the Octagon

The Showmax app is now available on the PS4

Finally PS4 owners have access to the local streaming service.

Shadow of the Colossus remake confirmed for February 2018

The remake of the much loved masterpiece to release in February next year. And it's going to look amazing!

Review: Rugby 18 (PS4 Pro)

This is the digital version of 57-0.

Sony has shipped 67.5 million PS4s since launch

More PS4s have been shipped than the population of South Africa.

Review: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (PS4)

Need a single-player FPS in your life right now? Come and kill Nazis with BJ.

Did you miss PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017? All the videos right here in one place

Don't miss a single trailer or reveal that was shown off

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