Review: Marvel’s Avengers (PS4 Pro)

Some assembly required.

Sony Devs gush about the PS5’s SSD and 3D AudioTech

More than just faster load times and pretty sounds...

Review: Project CARS 3 (PS4 Pro)

Left in the dust.

PSVR is here to stay according to Sony

PlayStation VR has been, as Sony experiments with the PlayStation brand go, rather successful. It’s sold pretty well considering the niche market it sits in and it is receiving decent support from developers and studios. We also know that it will be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 5. While the exact details on how the compatibility with PSVR and PS5 will work (The Dualshock 5 doesn&...

Suicide Squad Game revealed during DC Fandome

Killing the Justice League, or at least try to.

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