New monetisation mechanic test for PUBG comes to an end, and it seems to have worked

After all the players' rants about its levelling system, PUBG Corp. answers by dishing out free XP for everyone.

Five times the World Cup group matches reminded me of games

It's amazing how a game of football can emulate what we experience in games.

PUBG Corp vows to fix its game and create new content

Is that the sound of a broken record I hear?

PUBG on Xbox One – New Miramar map and patch breakdown

The desert map is here. It's big. It's got character. It's got improvements (sometimes).

PUBG’s PC player count has halved in five months

After reaching a massive player base, numbers are dropping.

PUBG Miramar map to launch 24 May on Xbox One

Xbox One PUBG players are going to bite the dust.

It’s the age of Battle Royale and a worthy PUBG or Fortnite contender may have arrived

I'll have a royale with cheese and a side 5.56 rounds please, thanks

PUBG Corp. made its new 4×4 map live on test servers and are opening squad option soon

The frenetic, close quarters combat focused map is now live for the battle royale giant.

Livestream: We are giving away a PS4 copy of Far Cry 5 on the stream come win

Come enjoy the man who thinks stealth missions means grenades.

The Burning Question: PUBG or Fortnite?

Two battle royales land on an island. Only one can leave alive.

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