Pokémon GO’s first Community Day of 2019

Totodile is calling you.

Play a lethal game of hide and seek with friends in Prey’s Typhon Hunter update

Pray that your friends aren't good at hiding and hunting you down.

Pokémon GO Trainer Battles coming later this month

Time to prove you are the very best.

Pokémon GO’s PvP is finally heading to the game

The battle to be the very best is on the way.

Destiny 2 delays prestige raid, but Iron Banner will start as scheduled

Today was going to be a busy day for Destiny 2 players. The Iron Banner event starts and a new PVP map called Distant Shore is going live. The Leviathan Prestige Raid was also going to start but that has been delayed until October 18. The Prestige raid was postponed due to an exploit that allowed players to complete the Leviathan Raid without it being as challenging as it should be. To stop people...

Nioh is going to get even more difficult as well as some PvP

Nioh released to widespread acclaim when it released earlier this month. I was hesitant of the game, even giving it a predicted score of 6/10 which was woefully wrong in the end. The game really resonated with people and its tough-as-nails gameplay has been one of the cornerstones of its popularity. There’s some alluring to high difficulty, which is why the Dark Souls franchise is so beloved...

Kill Strain releasing on PS4 in July

San Diego Studios announced that its Free-to-Play twin-stick MOBA shooter, Kill Strain will be available for download on PS4 in July. PS Plus members will be able to download it from 12 July, and it will become available for everyone from 19 July. The game is currently available with limited access, and the developers said they will be sending out more invites in the coming weeks: [quote] Kill Str...

Battleborn will release with 25 heroes

2K and Gearbox have finally updated us on Battleborn with some tasty information and a new trailer. One of the highlights is the number of heroes in the game. Some 25 of them. Battleborn will launch with three game modes. A story mode, which can be tackled solo or with up to give people, is being built in such a way that replaying the story mission can lead to better loot drops. There is also five...

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