Review: F1 2014 (Xbox 360)

F1 2014 starts well on the grid but fades throughout the championship.

DriveClub Making it up to you with free DLC

Apart from that cricket game last year, which released on steam for a day before getting cancelled, there probably isn’t any game that has had such bad issues at launch as DriveClub. The PlayStation exclusive, which was delayed from launch, finally released with a whole host of problems making the online play useless. That’s a pretty big deal when a game’s major focus is online r...

Customisation in The Crew Gets Real

The Crew has suffered from a couple of delays ensuring that there is a bit of skepticism around what the final product will be like. The videos have shown just how large the map will be when the game releases but there still seems to be some hesitance on thoughts about the gameplay. Nothing we have seen has really inspired feelings that this will be an amazing game. However, we have been surprised...

Project CARS: Video vs Reality

Excited for Project CARS? Be sure to check out this comparison video of the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and see just how realistic Project CARS looks. Project CARS launches November 21st for Xbox One,PlayStation 4 and PC. The Wii U and Steam versions are still confirmed for sometime in 2015. Source: DigiProst

DriveClub gameplay trailer that leaves the competition in the dust

Confession time: I generally have a difficult time getting into racing games. I quite enjoy the less serious driving games like Need for Speed Most Wanted and the likes, but anything more serious and I struggle. So when Driveclub was first mentioned and shown my attention was immediately grabbed by it. It looks like a fun, social driving game that looks visually amazing and seems to take itself a ...

Review: Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One)

Is Forza still in pole position?

Review: Table Top Racing (PS Vita)

Time to rev your engines, just don't drive off the table once you see a green light.

DRIVECLUB’S Dynamic weather looks HOT! And cold, sometimes a little rainy

Don’t worry everyone, I am back, safe and sound. What’s that? You didn’t know I was gone? WELL FINE! Anyway, after a trip to the UK for 4 days I can tell you that this post is very relevant to the weather that side. Sun shines with heat, then it rains, then it’s overcast and then it’s sunny again. Silly country that. Anyway, it’s relevant because today I am info...

Join Us For Some Mario Kart 8 Action!

Got the new Mario Kart game on Wii U? Enjoying it?  Of course  you are. Well how about taking that enjoyment to the ultimate next step and joining some of the SA Gamer writers and forumites for some serious karting online. Here are the details: Date: Tuesday 3 June 2014 (That’s today!) Time: 20:00 – 22:00 Where: Wii U online (Be sure to add some friends. Here are the NNID’s to ad...

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