Rainbow Six: Siege

Opinion: Ubisoft’s continued post-launch support for games made me a fan

It's good to see a publisher not giving up on their struggling games for a change.

SA Gamer Awards – Best ongoing game

Sometimes when a game releases, it's just the start of something beautiful.

It isn’t too late to get into Rainbow Six Siege, some tips from a senior game designer

Curious about Siege? Here are a few tips to set you on the right path.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky interview

We chat with Ubisoft Montreal Community Developer, Craig Robinson, about Grim Sky, the state of the game and local servers.

Ubisoft issues instant bans for racist slurs in Rainbow Six Siege chat

Homophobes and racists can go find another game to play.

E3 2018: Ubisoft

Ubisoft came off strong with its dual Assassins and major franchises.

Operation Para Bellum brings a new map and operators to Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft drops its second DLC pack in its third year of content for it's tactical shooter

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting local Azure servers soon

Say goodbye to that pesky 200 ms ping, we're getting local servers.

Video: Rainbow Six Outbreak trailer finally drops

Operators, these tangos will need more than one in the head and one in the chest.

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