Rainbow Six: Siege

Operation Para Bellum brings a new map and operators to Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft drops its second DLC pack in its third year of content for it's tactical shooter

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting local Azure servers soon

Say goodbye to that pesky 200 ms ping, we're getting local servers.

Video: Rainbow Six Outbreak trailer finally drops

Operators, these tangos will need more than one in the head and one in the chest.

Video: Meet your new alien enemies in Rainbow Six Siege

Someone needs to deal with this outbreak.

Co-op infestation action coming to Rainbow Six Seige

Tired of shooting at other people in PvP? Ubisoft's got that covered.

Six games better today than at launch

Some games just needed a bit more time and work before they reached their full potential. These are some of the games that are a bit better with age and tinkering.

Zombies are coming to Rainbow Six Siege Year Three

Get ready for a zombie outbreak, but only for a few weeks.

Video: It’s time to head to Korea in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise

Get ready for wide open spaces and multiple floors in Mok Myeok Tower.

Rainbow Six Siege to get another year of support

Rainbow Six Siege has been a noteworthy success for Ubisoft. The multiplayer-only team shooter does have a good fanbase and the support they have given the title since its release has been adequate. The longevity of a multiplayer-only title always comes into question somewhere during its lifespan, but it seems Rainbow Six Siege’s time is yet to come. Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will ...

Opinion: The generation of a multiplayer-only graveyard

Multiplayer has never been my forte. I usually see it an optional extra with my singleplayer game that I maybe check out once and never play again. Of course, multiplayer is an essential component in the gaming ecosystem and it’s the marquee reason to game for a grand majority of people. During the earlier days of the previous generation, multiplayer did not have such a strong focus as it do...

Rainbow Six: Siege cheaters now banned on first offense

“HACKER!” We’ve all heard this been said after a really good winning streak when playing online. Somewhere along the line there are howerver people who exploit a game in order to get the upper hand. Ubisoft will now be taking a harder stance on both cheaters and hackers in its multiplayer shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. Players caught running a modified or unauthorized version of the...

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