Ready at Dawn

Rumour: Microsoft is in talks to acquire a studio that is working with Sony

A mysterious developer might be going to the green side.

Ready at Dawn and Oculus reveal debut trailer of Lone Echo

A robot AI in space. I know one AI that approves of this. SPACE.

Developer Ready at Dawn interested in the Nintendo Switch

The development team behind The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn, has expressed interest in Nintendo’s latest console the Switch. The developers have gone through a bit of a rough patch since the launch of the underwhelming Order 1886, but perhaps they simply need to readjust their lens and focus on a console that may bring them some fortune. With the console’s popularity and lack of games, ...

There may still be a future for The Order: 1886

Do any of you remember The Order: 1886? Before it released back in February 2015, it was a heck of an anticipated game. Then rumours of its completion time happened and it was all downhill from there. The game was seen as more of a movie than anything else and ended on a rather big cliffhanger. Just when things were getting good, it ended. Since then, I’ve been wondering about a possible seq...

Making a Case for The Order: 1886

No, we don’t have a review up for The Order yet and at the time of writing we haven’t received a copy to start playing to even consider a review. It’s a sad state of affairs but one which we are quite used to locally. That doesn’t mean we can’t still discuss the game and take a look at it. Let’s put one thing aside for this feature, and that is about the play time. Yes, we have heard it’s going to...

The Order: 1886 is Raring to go!

Ready at Dawn’s retold history in The Order: 1886 is nearing release and it’s looking damn fine if the recent gameplay video is anything to go by. As you probably know by now, you take control of Galahad in the past but with futuristic weapons as you take on some kind of mutants that are bent on destruction. It’s up to you to take out all enemies and that means dealing with more ...

The Order: 1886 Gets Cinematic

I don’t know about all of you, but when I hear the words, ‘character-driven’ together with ‘alternative history set in industrial London’ I start to get all kinds of giddy. Throw in some sci-fi and cleverly crafted weaponry and my interest is as high as can be. Sure The Order: 1886 has been delayed until 2015 {What hasn’t?}, but that doesn’t mean we can...

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