Video: An in-depth look at Dawn of War 3’s multiplayer

For those that played Dawn of War 2 you might remember that it was less about base building, like a traditional RTS, and more about commanding selected squads of troops. Many fans didn’t like the approach and it looks like Relic has been listening to the feedback of it’s community because Dawn of War 3 looks to be a true RTS. At first glance the game might remind you a lot of Star Craf...

Video: Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces Announcement Trailer

Relic and SEGA have officially announced the new multiplayer expansion for Company of Heroes 2 titled, “The British Forces”. This expansion will include eight maps of historic locations throughout Europe in World War II along with 15 new units and six new commanders. Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces will be available from September 3rd and will set you back £9.99/$12.99 Source

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