Relic Entertainment

Relic is walking away from Dawn of War 3

All DLC plans have been cancelled as player numbers dwindle.

Relic Entertainment is bringing us Age of Empires IV

Get ready to battle through the ages of wololo again.

Get your open beta for Dawn of War 3 while it’s hot!

Fans of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise will have the opportunity to try out the latest offering for free this weekend while they wait for the official launch on 27 April 2017. The open beta starts today! It starts from 8:00pm here on the African continent ending at the same time on 24 April. The beta access includes all the factions: Space Marines, Eldar and the Orks with limited selection of thei...

Video: An in-depth look at Dawn of War 3’s multiplayer

For those that played Dawn of War 2 you might remember that it was less about base building, like a traditional RTS, and more about commanding selected squads of troops. Many fans didn’t like the approach and it looks like Relic has been listening to the feedback of it’s community because Dawn of War 3 looks to be a true RTS. At first glance the game might remind you a lot of Star Craf...

Video: Dawn of War 3 goes back to its table top roots in new trailer

Before the Warhammer series made the leap to the video game format it was a massively popular strategic table top game. It is still very popular today and you can still build up armies of highly detailed Warhammer figurines and spend your days hand painting them if your wallet allows – because they are not cheap. For anyone that has ever played the table top version of Warhammer or even hand...

Dawn of War III release date set for deployment

War is dawning and the sun will rise upon bloodshed in late April. Dawn of War III, the long awaited sequel in the phenomenal RTS franchise is coming out April 27th. Another romp through the gory brutality of the Warhammer 40,000 universe with the most iconic factions duking it for galactic supremacy. With a new trailer comes some of the pre-order bonuses. Luckily it is not as egregious as what To...

Review: Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies (PC)

Clear the shingles and make way for the almighty.

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