Resident Evil 2

The Burning Question: What is the most excited you’ve ever been for a game or console launch?

We've all had our moments of being so excited that we can't contain ourselves. What was yours?

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game meets its Kickstarter goal in record time

The crowd sure took bite out of this Kickstarter goal.

9 Jump scares in games we’ll never forget

A jump scare is never a fun thing to experience. It’s only once you’ve experienced it and you hand the controller to a family member or friend to play it that the scene has any form of value for the sadist among you. There have been many jump scare moments in games over the years, and below I’ve detailed a few jump scares that stood out for me: Dead Space – The benchmark in scare...

Sounds like the Resident Evil 2 remake will please fans of the original PS1 game

There’s a distinct difference between a remake and a remaster. A remake takes the original concept and reimagines it with the latest technology from the ground up, instead of doing a simple resolution upscale and frame rate improvement for a newer format. We saw Capcom doing a fantastic job with the Resident Evil remake on the Gamecube back in 2002, which recently saw a remaster of that rema...

Capcom considering a Resident Evil 2 remake

The recent Resident Evil 2 fan-made remake of the game might have triggered off new hope of Capcom reviving the old classic. It’s heralded by many fans as the best in the series and, since the remake of the original, many Resi fans have been asking for Resident Evil 2 to receive the same treatment. Capcom took to Facebook to get the opinion of their fans. It reads as follows: [quote]Hello Re...

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