Blast from the Past: Rocket Knight Adventures (SEGA Mega Drive)

It's not rocket science that you should play this.

Blast from the Past: Wipeout 2097 (PS1)

The future was and is explosive.

Blast from the Past: Area 51 (Xbox)

There is nothing alien about FPS games, but this mutated into something unique.

Blast from the Past: Virtua Racing Deluxe (SEGA 32X)

Virtually the best racing game on the format.

Could this be the game collection to top all game collections?

Be prepared to become a little *cough* very *cough* jealous.

It’s real, Sony is launching a classic PS1 console this year with 20 games

Get ready for Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 and more.

Are you retro chic or a modern day threads kinda person?

Bell bottoms, big rim glasses and a floral shirt, or peak cap, skinny jeans, high tops and hoodies?

Blast from the Past: Die Hard Trilogy (PS1)

A movie-licensed game that isn't rubbish and actually quite good?

Blast from the Past: Rugby 08 (PS2)

No extra time required to tell you that this is still as good as a Rugby game gets.

Blast from the Past: Burger Time DELUXE (Game Boy)

Get ready foodies as there's a new 'Burger King' in town.

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