Review: A Tale Of Paper (PS4)

Fine folds with a few frayed edges...

Review: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4 Pro)

More like Shadows Die all the time.

Don’t expect any early reviews of Bethesda titles

Yesterday Gary Steinman, global content lead at Besthesda, posted about “Bethesda& Game Reviews“. If you remember the release of DOOM earlier this year, there were no early reviews because Bethesda only sent out review copies on the day before release. While many people see no early review as a sign of a bad game trying to avoid reviews, DOOM blasted many people away with its amazi...

Steam User Reviews are sometimes hilarious. See for yourself

Writing a well constructed, balanced review is easy right? Anyone can do it. JUST GIVE ME MY FREE GAME! The truth is that the “This are being a delicious game” reviews are all over the place, especially with some of the more bias user reviews. It is, when taking this into consideration, a relieve to read some the more humorous reviews by some members of the Steam community. Check out s...

The Friday Recap

So it’s Friday and unfortunately I have no Free games Vrydag post to write, but that should hopefully be back to normal next week. So instead, I will just give you my usual recap of what has happened in the past week. Here it goes: Reviews continue to be on the quiet side with it being the whole drought period but there was a delightful retro review of the excellent Streets of Rage 2 and the...

Review: Codename S.T.E.A.M (3DS)

Time to blow off some S.T.E.A.M.

Are video game review scores needed?

So this is the big topic at the moment in the gaming world what with some big publications dropping review scores completely for a different kind of ranking system (which essentially is a review score in a different skin). The idea of a review score is a very mixed one. Some find it useful when determining whether to buy a game, especially when looking at an average. Others find it to be a meaning...

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