PlayStation Plus in Feb is filled with a unique bunch of games

Alright, so that's Knack out of the way. What is our next demand?

Playground Games acquires talent from other well-known franchises

The studio that brought us Forza Horizon dreams big and acquires the talent to make it a reality.

Rime’s Denuvo DRM has been cracked, and the game runs better without it

According to the cracker, there are 10 to 30 checks per second.

Game releases in May – With some predictions!

Is your wallet prepared for May? Luckily the pace has dropped from breakneck, but it is still pretty busy.

Rime Creative Director was brought to tears reading NeoGAF

Every video game message board holds its own share of contempt. Frustrations, opinions and at times anger can be put forward for the internet to see. Yet a for the majority of these instances, those who are on the receiving end are ignored. During a recent interview with Edge, Raul Rubio, the Creative Director of the upcoming Rime, spoke about how one of the most popular message boards, brought hi...

RIME finally secures a publisher and might go multi-platform

Set your mind back to Gamescom in 2013 and you might recall a title announced as a PS4 exclusive that looked very much like a modern ICO crossed with The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker. Since then Sony pulled out as a publisher and the game ended up in limbo. The developers, Tequila Works, thankfully secured a new publisher, Grey Box, These publishers brought you Grey Goo and Dreadnought.The bigger n...

What Did Sony’s Gamescom Escapade Have For Us?

The Sony Gamescom conference is done and dusted and by all means it was a pretty impressive showing. There were no super surprises like the Tomb Raider one from Microsoft, but we did get a ton of games shown that we can look forward to. Uncharted 4 sadly wasn’t shown so if you are looking to see that you are going to be disappointed, but there was plenty else to see including exclusives, thi...

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