Riot Games

Valorant will get a public release in June

The doors will open for everybody soon.

Valorant has already broken Twitch records

Everyone is curious to see what Riot Games is up to.

Teamfight Tactics is going mobile tomorrow

Auto battle on your couch.

Riot might become a record label in the future

Riot wants to be the home of League of Legends and music.

Riot Games is looking at other games beyond League of Legends

Nothing but teases for now, but they plan to live up to Riot Games, not Riot Game.

League of Legends makes a smartphone app that… could be more useful

Sometimes you need to step away from the PC, to go to the bathroom, or get something to drink. But what if someone wants to play League of Legends with you? Avoid having this issue again with a new smartphone app. Riot Game’s app, League Friends, will let you talk to your friend list as well as receive push notifications that someone invited you to a game. Besides that there isn’t much...

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