Review: As Far As The Eye (PC)

Gorgeous but brutal.

VR horror game The Persistence heading to flatscreens in May

Now we can crap our pants without a headset on.

Review: Children of Morta (PC)

Keeping it in the family.

Review: Dead Cells (PS4)

You start off dead in a prison cell. We see you, punny devs.

Enter the Gungeon “Supply Drop” update adds a good deal of stuff

Enter the Gungeon has just received a big patch that may bring some players back in action. The twin-stick bullet-hell roguelike’s new content has been dubbed the “Supply Drop” and is definitely worth a look. The update is massive in content. The official twitter account for the game is claiming that there are nearly 200 more rooms to explore, 33 new guns and 7 enemies to use them on. This all alo...

Review: Don’t Starve: Giants Edition (Wii U)

Now you can beat Maxwell on the Wii U.

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